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Wheelchair slalom

Introduction to wheelchair slalom

Wheelchair Slalom is a fun, fast paced and exciting sport with the overall aim of navigating through a course with challenging obstacles. Slalom requires both speed and chair control. Apart from being great fun, slalom helps develop core wheelchair skills essential for everyday life.

Who can take part?

Slalom is accessible to both manual wheelchair and powerchair users. Recreation and competition can comprise both skill challenges and timed competitions.

What do you need?

It is important to make wheelchair slalom training and competition variable and fun. Essential equipment includes upright cones, stopwatch, whistle and a clipboard. Optional equipment includes flags for officials, floor tape and a tape measure.

There are infinite options for a wheelchair slalom course. Courses can be designed with different levels of difficulty. Obstacles can include slalom, circled cone, reverse gate, figure of 8, 180 reverse square or 360 square.


Wheelchair Slalom is currently being developed by World Abilitysport

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