Wiktoria Mucha (Scotland) – My Frame Running Journey


In this blog, Wiktoria shares how she got involved with Frame Running and what the para-athletics event means to her.

Hello everyone, my name is Wiktoria Mucha I am a frame runner from Scotland training with Perth Strathtay Harriers. I have been taking part in athletics for 8 years or so, enjoying it ever since.

When I was younger I was always interested in sport , I took part in horse riding and dance, however I always liked to run, but due to my cerebral palsy I could not keep up with my friends or do the things they would do, until one day I came across a sport called frame running and decided to give it a try, and so at the beginning of high school I started frame running at Perth Strathtay Harriers and never looked back. It was one of the best things I have ever done!

Frame running means so much to me as it has given me freedom and independence which I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for the sport, I have met to many amazing people and made some lifelong friends along the way. I have had many amazing opportunities too, some of them was being part of filming a short video on inclusive athletics – the story of Perth Harriers and the clubs journey in making sure everyone is included in athletics or being a member of the Frame Running Scotland athlete committee.

I want to develop as an athlete, train hard and continue to progress so that one day I can travel the world to competitions and continue to have success. I have wonderful coaches who help me be the best I can be – THANK YOU! – as well as developing my own progress, I want to help others get involved in the sport and see them progress on to do great things! As part of this I have started to be involved in coaching at my club, as part of my future development plans.

This is my frame running journey so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

I hope you enjoy finding out about my journey.


Wiktoria Mucha