The new IWAS Regional Office in Sharjah, UAE helps promote the services of IWAS to its members and attracts new members from within the GCC


With several countries keen to promote training in their countries

Following the launch of the IWAS Regional Office in Sharjah UAE the team have been busy promoting the work of IWAS amongst the nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and rapidly growing relationships and partnerships.

Ms Anisa Alhooti, Secretary Manager of the Oman Paralympic Committee met with Mr Ahmed Al Hammad from the IWAS office and discussed the services that IWAS could provide. Mrs Alhooti spoke about developing the Oman Paralympic Committee and its needs of coaching seminars and preparing referees and advised that she would be looking at joining IWAS in the near future.

During other meetings Mr Hammad was able to highlight the work of IWAS with member nations that had been less active in recent years and encourage them with news of what IWAS can do for them.

For Bahrain they had a similar interest as Oman in arranging seminars and courses in coaching, referees and sport development in their country. These have all been keen issues for IWAS in recent years and a direction the federation is keen to continue.

When Mr Shafi Alhajri from the IWAS Member Organisation the Kuwait Disabled Sports Club visited the regional office he was keen to discuss the developing of Wheelchair Fencing in Kuwait and other GCC members.

We are sure that the success of the regional office will continue.