The Association of International Organisations of Sport for the Disabled and IPC CEO Meet in Frankfurt


Representatives from CPISRA, IBSA, INAS and IWAS meet in Frankfurt to discuss future collaborations and support, later joined by IPC CEO, Xavier Gonzalez.

The Association of International Organisations of Sport for the Disabled (previously the IOSDs Council) met in Frankfurt, Germany on 12 and 13 May 2017 to discuss future ventures, collaborations and their continuing impact on the Paralympic Movement.
CPISRA President, Peter Drysdale and Vice President, Sandy Hermiston, IBSA Secretary General, Henk van Aller, INAS President, Marc Truffaut and Executive Director, Nick Parr attended the meeting alongside IWAS CEO, Charmaine Hooper and IWAS President Paul DePace, who chaired the meeting. The Chair of the meetings has now rotated to CPISRA for the next year.
The meeting was also attended by International Paralympic Committee CEO, Xavier Gonzalez to discuss the IOSDs support of the IPC and wider Paralympic Movement.

It was proposed for the next meeting of the AIOSDs to take place at the IPC Headquarters in Bonn, Germany where both collective and individual meetings can be held with various departments. The aim of the meetings is to reinforce understanding and strengthen communications.

Further information will follow from the subsequent Executive Board meetings of both IWAS and CPISRA as well as the INAS Athletics World Championships where the collaboration and cooperation between the organisations will be discussed.