Seminar in Puerto Rico to learn the difference between able body athletics and the IPC Rules and Regulations


Event organised by the IWAS World junior Games 2013 LOC to 21 participants.

There were 21 participants at the seminar which took place in June, all enthusiastic and willing to learn about the difference between able body athletics and the IPC athletics Rules and Regulations.

The event was organised and hosted by the LOC of the IWAS World Juniors Games (WJG)2013, which will be held also in Mayaguez in Puerto Rico only a few months later.

Most of the participants had some previous experience with able body athletics, which meant the seminar was not that difficult for them.

One of the participants also translated into Spanish when required.

In the morning all the field events were discussed and explained and at the end of the morning session a practical session took place. Jose Nieves a Para-athlete from Puerto Rico offered his assistance by providing the opportunity of demonstration, how sitting throwing should be done.

The benefit for the participants will be that from the beginning of August, just prior to the WJG they will have an official test. If they pass this final part they will be recognised by USA Athletics as a Para-Athletics official.