Scottish Race Runners win big at IWAS World Games 2013


Competition attracts lots of new fans in Stadskanaal, Netherlands

Three Scottish athletes returned from the IWAS World Games with an incredible 13 medals and six CPISRA world records in the RaceRunning event in Stadskanaal, Netherlands. There were also teams participating from Sweden and Portugal.

RaceRunning is a sport which uses specially designed trikes to allow athletes with cerebral palsy to run and compete independently.

This was the second time that RaceRunning has been included in an IWAS World Games, following Sharjah in 2011, and was definitely an event which drew lots of new fans.

Although the Scottish team was outstanding in their results, overall the competition saw 16 athletes beat their personal best and 13 athletes accomplish new world records.  


IWAS Games Technical Manager Jan Bockweg says that he is very happy to have RaceRunning on the program:

“It is good to have the most disabled athletes back on the track. I hope that we will have even more RaceRunning competitors from more countries in the future. I’m much in favour of RaceRunning and would like to help developing the sport.

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