Sad passing of Ricardo Cruz


Devoted coach and referee in Powerlifting passes away in his beloved Marbella, Spain

On Sunday 30th March morning Ricardo Cruz suffered another massive heart attack; subsequently he passed away to the Lord peacefully, while holding Anneca’s hand.  The last few months have been a succession of hospital visits and 24/7 care, by Anneca, at home.

For those who didn’t know him well – I’m sorry for your loss. He was one of the most compassionate and generous people I ever met. He was a devoted coach and referee in Powerlifting, especially, the disabled branch.  He was one of Pol’s stalwart soldiers, helping develop their beloved sport. He and his wife, Anneca, were regulars on the international circuit during the time Pol Wautermartins was the IPC Powerlifting Chairman.  He was one of the most beloved & respected international referees. He was a devout Christian and practiced what he believed.  To him all men/women were equal and deserved the best that he could provide. Unbeknownst to all – the signs that he manifested at his last international competition were the early signs of Alzheimer’s compounded by cerebral vascular disease.  It was not senile incompetence but disease that brought down this accomplished referee, coach, and friend to all who met him.

Ricardo was laid to rest Monday 7th April in Marbella, the city on the water’s edge, which he loved so dearly.

When we stayed with Ricardo in 2009, his passion for the focus in his life was evident in all that he said and did: God, his wife Anneca, IPC Powerlifting and Marbella.

Amen, and peace my dear brother. We are blessed because our paths crossed.


Words by Stella Herrick