Research Committee Established to Develop Rules for Fencers with Upper Limb Deficiencies


The Research Committee will include IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Head of Classification, Dr. Man Chung, IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Chairman, Pal Skekeres supported by the IWAS HQ and the Imperial College London.

Following the high profile of wheelchair fencing at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, IWAS Wheelchair Fencing has received a sharp increase in interest from athletes with upper limb deficiencies, keen to become part of the sport.

In light of this increase in interest, it has been identified that the current wheelchair fencing rules do not accommodate the advancement of prosthetics used in the sport.

To tackle this issue and to develop new rules to accommodate this, a Research Committee has been established under the leadership of IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Head of Classification, Dr Man Chung alongside IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Chairman, Pal Szekeres. The Committee will also have the invaluable support of the Imperial College London.

Chairman, Pal Szekeres said, ‘We want to develop our sport:, opening up opportunities to fence to more athletes and broader impairment groups. The support from researchers will allow the Committee to establish clear and transparent rules and regulations to facilitate fair competition going forward.’

Dr Man Chung will formally begin the work of the Research Committee in the coming weeks. IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Nations will be kept up to date on the outcomes.