Physiological and Biomechanical Determinants of RaceRunning Performance


Researchers from University of Gloucestershire are currently conducting a study to understand some of the main factors, which can affect RaceRunning performance.

Despite the growth of RaceRunning on the international para-athletic scene and the sport featuring at the World Para Athletics European Championships in Berlin (2018), there is a scarcity of research about how to improve RaceRunning performance. The team are looking at a range of physiological variables (cardiovascular capacity, joint range of motion, strength and power) and technical factors (foot strike pattern, body position) to see what affects RaceRunning performance. Once it is known, which of these factors contribute the most to RaceRunning speed, coaches can begin to tailor their programmes more specifically so their athletes can work on the most important elements in their training.

If you are a RaceRunning athlete who would like to take part, or you would like more information, please contact Dr Nicola Theis ( or Dan Cowen (