Oleg Boyko appointed as member of IWAS Development Committee


The appointment of Oleg Boyko as a member of the IWAS Development Committee was announced at the IWAS General Assembly on 1 October 2015.

Founder of “ParaSport” Fund and Head of Commission for the Development of the Paralympic movement of the Russian Paralympic Committee, Oleg Boyko has been appointed as a member of the IWAS Development Committee.

The appointment was announced by IWAS President, Paul DePace at the IWAS 2015 General Assembly on 1 October 2015.

For a decade, “ParaSport” Fund has aimed to support and assist people with physical disabilities in rehabilitation and their social inclusion, creating equal opportunities for well-being in their everyday life with a particular focus on involvement with sport and in the Paralympic movement.

Oleg Boyko was also awarded by the IWAS President, an Honorary Diploma for his significant contribution in the hosting of the IWAS World Games 2015 in Sochi and in recognition of his achievements in the development of the international Paralympic movement.

IWAS CEO, Charmaine Hooper said of the appointment; ‘IWAS is greatly looking forward to working with Mr. Oleg Boyko in the continuation of his contributions to the Paralympic movement through IWAS and anticipate an exciting and effective working relationship with him in the IWAS Development Committee’.