Obituary for Pernille Wrang


By Mansoor Siddiqi, Friend and Head of the National Danish RaceRunning Team

Tuesday morning, I received a message with the most sad and shocking news that Pernille Wrang had passed away Monday evening, August 5th.

Pernille has meant a whole lot to me personally and to the whole RaceRunning sport.

For me, Pernille was unique and always has been. I had the pleasure of meeting Pernille at a taster session in Odense back in the late 90’s, where she tried a Petra (as we called the RaceRunner back then) for the first time. I could immediately tell that Pernille was happy on a RaceRunner, and she told me that it was not the last time she had tried a Petra.

Pernille was a huge RaceRunning talent and in the years to come Pernille became a really skilled RaceRunner and we have now lost one of our greatest RaceRunning athletes.

Also, Pernille has proven herself as a trailblazer for us, when it comes to recovering from illness and overcoming any challenge. Always a warrior, in spite of the pain her body suffered. Proving herself on the track each time, motivating and engaging many around her. She was a real fighter.

Pernille was also a joyful and smiling person who cared a lot for other people. E.g., it may be mentioned that she travelled to Thailand to provide a RaceRunner for an orphanage here. 

She will live forever in our hearts.

Mansoor Siddiqi,
Head of RaceRunning Development for CPISRA´╗┐