News from the TUE Committee Chair Symposium 2009


Dr Oriol Martinez of IWAS and IPC attended the TUEC Chairs Symposium in the city of Strasburg, France and presented a report entitled "TUE Management for Paralympic Athletes: A different Approach needed?"

December 2010 saw the second TUE Committee Chair Symposium held by WADA and the Council of Europe. Held in Strasbourg, France the meeting worked towards the aim to allow appropriate exchange of knowledge between experts, establish consistency in the TUE decision-making process and address a range of issues related to TUEs.

A report by the IWAS Sports Science & Medical Officer Dr. Oriol Martinez titled ‘TUE Management for Paralympic Athletes: Is a Different Approach Needed?’ was given. Following the event he felt that the Symposium had been a great success with the discussion at a high scientific level, which he felt would bring much value in the future for the best management in TUE. A copy of all reports presented at the Symposium can be found at

More than 145 experts participated in the Symposium. Sixty NADOs and 43 IFs were present.

Following from the WADA Symposium, please visit the following link to obtain the related documentation that came into force as of 1st January 2010

As a matter of clarification, please note that those ADOs whose anti-doping rules were already declared in line with the 2009 Code do not have to submit their updated rules to WADA for review. They should simply ensure that the appropriate edits to the rules are made in order for their 2010 TUE process to be in accordance with the 2010 ISTUE.