Netherlands success at the IWAS Electric Wheelchair Hockey European Championships 2012


An unforgettable week at Pajulahti!

The European Wheelchair Hockey Championship took place from 4th to 10th June at Pajulahti Sport Centre (Nastola – Finland). It has been a magnificent experience for the players, their assistants and for all the people that have worked for the tournament: officials, volunteers, referees, classifiers and everyone that has been helping. Also the audience has been able to take part in something very unique; for many people this has been the first contact with this sport. “This is amazing, can I take part in the next tournament, too?” asked a little boy from Nastola. He wanted to take with him a poster from the competition hall and he promised that he would never take it off his wall. Hopefully many other people also have felt this kind of enthusiasm during the week.

20 exciting matches have been played. There have been big surprises, disappointments and great moments of success. The final standings are following: 1. Netherlands, 2. Belgium, 3. Finland, 4. Germany, 5. Italy, 6. Denmark, 7. Switzerland, 8. Slovenia. Probably almost every player took part in the tournament in order to play as well as possible and to help his/her team to be the best of Europe or at least to develop his/her skills as a player of electric wheelchair hockey. However, many players also have noticed that it isn’t all about playing. Regardless of the success and medals, everyone has now wonderful memories, new friends and more experience than before. The big party of the last night will certainly stay in our minds and the prizes and keepsakes will stay as tangible memories for the participants.

We’ll meet again for sure! Let’s now enjoy the summer, share our recent experiences and wait for the next Championships!