Madrid to host the IWAS Powerchair Hockey European Championships in 2016


Great enthusiasm shown by organising committee to help promote sport in Spain

The International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS) is pleased to announce that the successful bid to host the next IWAS Powerchair Hockey European Championships has been awarded to the Madrid Sports Federation for People with Physical Disabilities (FMDDF).

In what will be the first major event since the sport changed its name from Electric Wheelchair Hockey to Powerchair Hockey, the European Championship 2016 will take place from the 10th July until 17th July at the Polideportivo Municipal Jose Caballero in  Alcobendas Madrid, Spain.

The IWAS Executive was pleased to be able to accept the final recommendation from the IPCH sport executive committee and make the award to Madrid, following the successful second site visit. 

The organising committee stated that they have a strong commitment from Alcomenda, the area which will host the event to offer a successful sporting event. And hope that it will help promote adapted sports and enable their federation to give an important boost to Powerchair Hockey.

The organising committee said in response to hearing their bid had been successful “Madrid and Spanish Federation want to welcome all the nations. It will be a great chance to develop Wheelchair hockey in Spain and we will try our best to please all the team delegations so that you all feel at home”.

Niels ten Hagen Competition, Events and Development Officer for the sport executive committee for Powerchair Hockey spoke about the successful bid “The organising committee from Spain have shown a great effort and enthusiasm towards their bid from the beginning and have been open to change where required”. Adding “It is also very good that a country that is very much still in its development stages for the sport has picked up the glove to hold this event and have proved that they are dedicated to promoting and developing Powerchair Hockey in Spain”.