IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Athlete Council to be Elected in Rome, Italy


Elections for the IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Athlete Council will take place during the World Championships 2017 in Rome, Italy.

Elections for the IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Athlete Council will be held during the IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World Championships in Rome, Italy.

The Athlete Council will provide the ideal opportunity to have an ‘Athlete Voice’ allowing recommendations, suggestions from the fencers perspective to be shared with IWAS and IWAS Wheelchair Fencing.

To be eligible for nomination, athletes must have taken part in either a Paralympic Games or IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World Championships during the five years preceding the election date. Six representatives will be elected with a minimum of two female athletes on the Council with the Chairperson internally decided following appointments.

 IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Chairman, Pal Szekeres said, "As Wheelchair Fencing enters a new cycle, the ongoing support of the Commissions and Councils are vital in determining the direction and development of our sport. Representatives within the Athlete Council will support the Commissions and Executive Committee in shaping the future of Wheelchair Fencing. We greatly look forward to receiving your nominations and thank you for your ongoing support."

Nominations must be sent to IWAS HQ from the IWAS Member, using the forms below. Only one nomination per IWAS Member will be accepted and forms must be received by IWAS by the 11th September 2017. A full list of candidates will be sent out to the IWAS Members prior to the elections.

Full eligibility requirements and election procedures can be found in the following documents;

Letter from IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Chairman

Athlete Council Nominations and Election Procedures

Athlete Council Canditure Form

Candidate Undertaking