IWAS develops good cooperation with the Olomouc University to create course for coaches within disability


With the first of the courses held in the UAE

IWAS developed a training course for Coaches in Disabled Sports.

Year 1 concentrates on a general familiarisation with disability sports.

Year 2 will be Sport Specific.


The IWAS coaching course will include:

  1. The theory behind sports training
  2. The basics of coaching,  short and long term planning,
  3. Training sections
    1. Technical,
    2. Tactical,
    3. Psychological,
    4. Physical condition,
    5. Basic physiologies,
    6. Use of medicines and their side-effects.
    7. (etc) omit unless another heading!.


Understanding athletes with disabilities and their special difficulties

  1. Basic training for different disabilities
  2. Different kinds of disabilities and associated problems.
  1. Physical injuries,
  2. Urinary problems,
  3. Basic characteristics of a specific disability,


  1. Sports Classification System Basic rules


  1. Competition rules and regulations


Training and characteristics for different events and disabilities

  1. Track and Field,
    1. Wheelchairs
    2. Ambulatory 


  1. Combined practical and theory,
  2. IWAS offers specific training for Track and for Field.


Basic Organization of Training

  1. Daily Training,
  2. Camps
  3. Competition
  4. International Meetings
  5. Competition Management


This programme will be organised as follows: 4 day Training Course

Each day will be divided into 4 x 1 ½ hour sessions


Rules and organization

  • basic conditions for training
  • basic information about prostheses 
  • equipment
  • construction of chairs for
  • a) throwing
  • b) racing


Classification and basic physiology

  • Characteristics of different  Classes,
  • Basic knowledge of handicaps
  • Who are wheelchair users Why in a wheelchair?
  • Who is a CP athlete?

What are the difficulties?

  • What are the special health problems of persons with a disability?

Psychology of sports and persons with handicaps

  • The psychology of  coaching,
  • Athletes,
  • The psychology of racing and competition


Basic theory of coaching,

  • Basics of coaching
  • Stages of longitudinal training,  
  • Training camps
  • Competitions


Day 1                         2x 1,5h   Classification       2×1,5h   Basic Theory

Day 2                         2x 1,5h   Rules                      2×1,5h   Psychology

Day 3                         2x 1,5h   Classification       2×1,5h   Basic Theory

Day 4                         2x 1,5h   Rules                      2×1,5h   Psychology


Followed by an exam of not more than 2 hours


4 Tutors;

Classification and Basic Physiology                              Helmut Hoffmann

Psychology of Sports                                                         Hana Valkova

Basic theory of Coaching                                                  Iva Machova

Rules and Organization                                                    Jan Bockweg

Overall coordination  – Jan Bockweg



What is the role of IWAS?


IWAS is the Federation with special responsibility for the Development of and Education in disabled sport

IWAS has developed the course content

IWAS is the coordinator between the LOC and the IWAS office

IWAS appoints the tutors

IWAS issues Certificates after the successful completion of  exam.



In March 2013 we have done the first seminar in Dubai (UAE) during the Fazaa Games. More the 60 participants for this seminar, this explains the need of a seminar like this.

The most of the participants are PA teachers at basic schools in Dubai.

This first seminar has not followed the official supposed programme due the fact that only morning sessions where available.


We have given;

– the basic of psychology and psychology of sports and persons with handicaps

– the basic of sports training

– explanation of rules and regulations

– followed at the end by a multiple choice test.


Only 4 participants did not pass the criteria.

Agreed with the Dubai club for disabled, which was the organizer of all, that in 2014 a follow up will give for those who passed the test.

At the same time a new seminar will start for University students.

We have had letters of interest from Egypt and Kenya, to give the same seminar in their countries. At the moment this still in negotiating.