IWAS Athletics Series to no longer continue


Praise for IWAS Competiton Manager, Jan Bockweg for all his hard work - but it was felt that the competiton for athletics is now well catered for.

During its four years the IWAS Athletics Series has provided the opportunity to many International Athletes to not only develop from grass roots, but provide opportunities for them to further themselves to top level achievements. Recognising a need for more competition the IWAS Series began in 2009 by IWAS Competition Manager, Jan Bockweg.

The IWAS Series was created to offer athletes more opportunities within both track and field events. Each series would see athletes travel and participate in different countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Croatia and France.

An event that has valued its IPC approval and sanctioning the progression for some athletes has been outstanding, with new personal bests and world records a familiar occurrence.

For IWAS, the series has been about offering the athletes good value for money, providing good food and accommodation along with sporting opportunities. Furthermore, the prize money awarded to the top five male and top five females at the end each series has always been a continual added benefit.

Following the IWAS Series in 2013, the decision was made that Athletics was a sport well catered for within the Paralympic Movement, with several more events happening each year and providing the similar opportunities. Therefore IWAS would use its limited resources to focus on alternative events, including its multi-sport World and Junior Games programme.

IWAS would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank Jan Bockweg for all of his hard work and continual enthusiasm to ensure the success of each of the IWAS Series. And we look forward to his continuing support for our games programme.


Image of Jan Bockeg, taken during IWAS Athletics Series 2013