IWAS announces a new look for their IWAS Games programme


The IWAS Games programme updated to accomodate recommendations of IWAS member nations in the development of international competition opportunities.

From next year, the IWAS Games Programme will have a new look. The IWAS World Games will introduce new age groups and the IWAS Under 23 World Games will see development of the junior age groups in a move to accommodate the recommendations of IWAS member nations.

From 2016 the IWAS Under 23 World Games will see two age groupings; under 18 and under 23 and will be held in even years (2016, 2018, 2020 etc.) Bids for the IWAS Under 23 World Games 2016 have been considered and the host nation will be announced by the end of September following a site visit by members of the IWAS Games Committee.

From 2017, IWAS will host only the IWAS World Games for athletes grouped as follows – Under 18, Under 23, Open and Masters (40+) and will be held in odd years (2017, 2019, 2021 etc.) The ‘Masters’ age grouping will be for athletes of 40 years and over and will aide in the development of international competition opportunities for athletes in this category.

The IWAS World Games, for a broader spectrum of athletes, will increase financial viability for nations who will now be able to offer more athletes an opportunity to compete on an international platform by attending only one Games whilst also saving on staff time and costs. We also believe that competing alongside the more experienced athletes in the Open category as well observing the Masters will give the younger athletes motivation for the future and invaluable sporting experience.

IWAS will shortly be making the bid documents available to member nations, interested parties and potential hosts for Games from 2017-2022.