Highlights from the IWAS General Assembly and Development Summit


Development Summit – Thursday 1st December

The Development Summit that was held on the 1st December followed a similar program of how the event was conducted in India, Bangalore 2009.

The main discussion points in Sharjah were;
1. Communication
2. Knowledge Centre
3. Support

Following the group discussion, comments and feedback was presented by each group to enable the IWAS Development Summit Declaration 2011 to be concluded.
Notes and discussions from this meeting will be made available early 2012.


General Assembly – Saturday 3rd December

With a full agenda the IWAS Member Nations in attendance began the day by ratifying the new members joining the IWAS Family.
The following National Organisations were all unanimously accepted to join IWAS as Full National Members;


  • Chile NPC
  • Ethiopia NPC
  • Kazakhstan NPC
  • Nigeria NPC
  • Turkey NPC

The Mongolian National Association for Wheelchair Users (MNAWU) were also accepted by the member nations to become an IWAS Developing Nations Affiliate (full details can be found on the IWAS Website), which offers developing nations the ability to send athletes to a restricted number of IWAS events, and attend workshops and training opportunities.

The minutes of the General Assembly will be made available to the member nations in the early part of 2012.