Following the Opening Ceremony for the 2nd Electric Wheelchair Hockey World Championships, the teams are eager for the competition to begin


Emotion and enthusiasm by all the athletes as they parade their flags

The emotion and enthusiasm from the teams was felt during the opening ceremony for the IWAS Electric Wheelchair Hockey World Championships, as the teams paraded their flags to the friends, guests and supporters, before listening to a speech from the President of the Italian Federation of Wheelchair Hockey (FIWH) Antonio Spinelli. He welcomed all and asked of the players to give genuine emotions, emphasizing that in other sports this is becoming increasingly difficult to do so.

The attendees were then able to enjoy dance performances from the Italian Dance Sport Federation (FIDS).
The eight European teams (Belgium, Denmark, Finalnd, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland) and Australia had arrived in Lignano and there is great satisfaction for the hotel. And many had added that the sports hall is even beyond the expectations of many.

Competition is due to start, with the first games Italy against Germany. Germany are renowned as a strong team, and to date Italy have failed to win against them. Italian trainer Luca Maino added that “our players are tired of being beat by Germany, and are pulling out a lot of grit. We feel certain, and we are confident of our ability and our winning attitude.”

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