Final Version of the IWAS Powerchair Hockey Classification Manual Released


The manual contains all rules, policies and procedures for athlete's classification and also information on the requirments to become an IPCH Classifier.

The IWAS Powerchair Hockey Executive Committee have announced the release of the final version of the IPCH Classification Manual.

The manual contains all rules, policies and procedures for athletes classification and also the requirements and information on becoming an IPCH Classifier.

This project is the result of the latest feedback from the Sports Assembly and of the work of the Classification Committee led by Dr. Denis Jaeken until the end of 2015 and in the last year by Mr. Kees van Breukelen who has accepted to succeed to him as Head of the IPCH Classification Committee.

The main goal was to renew and update the Classification system bringing it up-to-date and in line with IPC guidelines and standards. In order to do this a deep analysis and revision of the Classification methods and standpoints have been necessary and also comparisons and good practice from other wheelchair sports have been invaluable in the formation of the manual.

The aims of the revision are as follows:
1. Focus: focus on ‘impairment based’ classification instead of ‘performance based’ classification.
2. Formulation: formulate a new, modern, IPC compliant eligibility rule.
3. Replacement: replacing the ‘disability-list’ with IPC eligible impairment types.
4. Uniformity: Create uniformity in the classification of athletes with the same impairment type.
5. Transparency: making IPCH classification more transparent: sport class is the sum of arm impairment profile and trunk impairment profile.
6. Restoration: restoring the sport class as an ‘impairment’ class instead of an ‘equipment’ class.

The Manual was presented, discussed and approved during the IWAS Powerchair Hockey Sports Assembly held in De Rijp on 18th July 2016 having previously been shared with IWAS, the IWAS Sports Science & Medical Officer, Dr. Johnson Nino-Soto and IPC Classification Managers. 

Please download the manual here.

If you have any questions relating to the document, the IPCH Classification System or how to become a IPCH Classifier, please contact: