Fifteen Participants from Seven Countries Complete IWAS Powerchair Hockey Classification Course


Fifteen people from Australia, Finland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and Switzerland attended the classification course in Breda, The Netherlands



From 22 – 24 June, fifteen participants from Australia, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Switzerland successfully completed the IWAS Powerchair Hockey Classification Course in Breda, The Netherlands.

The Course, held in conjunction with the Paragames Breda, gave trainee classifiers the opportunity for hands-on experience of the sport, where a tournament between Belgium, Switzerland and The Netherlands was hosted.

The focus of the classification course, was to train new individuals adding to the international pool of classifiers of the sport while updating the knowledge of those already licensed to the new classification system adopted at the IWAS Powerchair Hockey Sports Assembly last year. 

The presence of the three teams at the tournament running alongside the Course, meant the reclassification of players in-line with the new Classification Code could begin.

Congratulations to the successful participants and we look forward to welcoming you to IWAS Powerchair Hockey events in the future.