FIE and IWAS ‘Collaboration Agreement’ promises bright future for Wheelchair Fencing


'Historical step' in the development of fencing worldwide as FIE Secretary General Frederic Pietruska, IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Chairmain Jakub Nowicki and FIE Vice President Giorgio Scarso sign 'Collaboration Agreement'.

Following the first joint event between International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS) and the International Fencing Federation (FIE) in 2006, the relationship between the two governing bodies of Fencing and Wheelchair Fencing has grown and developed. To further strengthen the mutual goals of both bodies, a Collaboration Agreement between the FIE and IWAS was signed during the Fencing World Championships in Moscow on 17th July 2015.

Both federations remain independent but share the common goal of promoting fencing and to develop the sport worldwide. Before signing the Collaboration Agreement, the following areas were agreed by both parties as the focus areas of the partnership;

•  Organising joint meetings and training camps, competitions and demonstrations

•  Technical organisation, training and development of fencers

•  Training and education of coaches

•  Training and education of referees

The FIE Secretary General, Frederic Pietruszka said:

‘The signature of this agreement is the second step of a cooperation that kicked off in Turin during the World Championships of 2006, where for the first time a joint competition was organised. Today another historical step forward is done, with the signature of the FIE-IWAS convention. We had a chance to discuss in detail about our targets, our expectations, but also about our fears. This allows us to go to a common direction and develop further our sport. We are sure that the outcome of the convention will give full satisfaction to everybody.’

In response, IWAS CEO Charmaine Hooper expressed the gratitude of IWAS to both Alberto Martinez Vassallo past-Chairman of IWAS Wheelchair Fencing and Jakub Norwicki, Chairman of IWAS Wheelchair Fencing for their work towards achieving this historic milestone. ‘We are looking forward to further develop our co-operation to promote participation in wheelchair fencing on all continents.’


Photo copyright – Serge Timacheff