Extended deadline to send bids for the EWH World Championship 2014


Providing the opportunity to organise a fantastic event

Dear IWAS Friends,

The deadline to bid to host the IWAS Electric Wheelchair Hockey (EWH) World Championship of 2014 was settled on 1 December 2011 and has passed.
Unfortunately we didn’t receive a bid from any EWH-nation to organize this fantastic competition.
Therefore we call for bids once more and postpone the deadline to 1 April 2012.
We want to remind you that the EWH-nations have agreed in its Sport Assemblies, that every 4 years a EWH World Championship should take place, organized by EWH nations.
For the international development of the sport it is of great importance that this major competition will be organized in 2014!
If your nation is interested in organizing the IWAS EWH World Championship 2014 and the corresponding Sport Assembly, the attached Checklist with Estimate shall be returned by your National member organization of the IWAS by email  and  ICEWH  before 1 April 2012 latest!
Your national member organization of the IWAS already received the call for bids.

Looking forward to receive bids to host this wonderful competition on the highest level!
Kind regards,

John Teunissen
ICEWH Chairman
IWAS Committee Electric Wheelchair Hockey (ICEWH)