Exceptional even behind the scenes


The sport is amazing, but the people making it happen are too!

Half way through the London 2012 Paralympic Games and so far it’s difficult to explain the excitement and atmosphere. With record numbers of spectators and sell out sport venues the London Games are all set to be one of the most iconic and momentous Paralympic Games so far.

With beautiful venues and exciting sport to watch these events are truly exciting for those lucky enough to have got tickets.

Another aspect of the games that I have been amazed by is the sheer number of people involved behind the scenes, both on part of LOCOG and the individual sport staff and officials.

You never have to go far to find a Games Maker that isn’t happy to help, and send you off in the right direction – which is so reassuring with so many venues and things going on around you.

Then there are the people working tirelessly to set up venues, quite often – literally through the night. For example at the Excel Hall which is now being used for Wheelchair Fencing, had to be transformed from the Judo venue overnight. There were carpenters, electricians, technical engineers creating the venue ready for competition.

So whether the people around are volunteers or paid staff, the achievements and effort that everyone had made is just inspiring.

All to enable the greatest sport event the world has ever seen.