To our members, followers and friends around the world, In the past week I have become aware of at least 2 spam phishing emails that appear to be sent from a CPISRA representative but originated outside of CPISRA.

Firstly, we apologise that you may have received these. As with all activity of this nature there is little, if anything, that we can do to stop it. We are looking into ways in which further occurrences might be prevented, such as removing all email address references from our website. We will do what we can.

Secondly, we want to give you an assurance that any official communication you receive from CPISRA will always come from an address ending @cpisra.org.

If you receive an email promoting or referring to a specific CPISRA event please check first on our website to see if that it is listed. CPISRA lists all of its activity. If you don’t see it on our website, you can be certain that it is not something that we are involved with.

If the email is asking for help or support for an individual members or their families, does not come from a @cpisra.org and perhaps even contains phone numbers that you cannot validate on our website, then it will not be from CPISRA. So, please – however genuine and desperate the appeal may appear – do not respond or send money or provide information in response to one of these phishing scams.

If ever you are in doubt, please contact the CPISRA Team who will be able to tell you for certain whether the communication that you received came from CPISRA.