Bid from Alicante withdrawn


New host city needed for IWAS 2013 World Games

Bid from Alicante withdrawn – new host city needed for IWAS 2013 World Games

During the past week IWAS received the very sad news from our Bid Committee in Alicante, Spain that they could not secure the needed Government funding to continue with the organisation of the IWAS World Games in 2013.

We had already received encouraging first entry numbers indicating that close to 1000 athletes and staff were interested in attending the IWAS World Games in Alicante but in spite of this, funding from the local and Federal Governments could not be secured.

In her response to the Bid Committee on hearing their news and after discussion had been held with the Chair of the Committee by IWAS HOO to explore any further possibilities, IWAS Secretary General Maura Strange said

“We do of course understand the difficult economic situation in Spain and the impact this has on your endeavour to stage the IWAS World Games.  I would like to think that we will be able to work together in the not-too-distant future, as the conditions for a successful event in terms of venues, accommodation(s) personnel etc., are of a very high standard and designed to facilitate a good logistical approach to the event, making it near enough a single centre sport arena for the majority of sports.  I hope that we can work together to explore any possibility for an IWAS event in a couple of years’ time in Alicante once conditions have improved.”

The IWAS Executive is currently in urgent negotiations with potential replacement venues for the IWAS World Games in 2013 and we shall keep our membership well informed of their progress.  

The arrangements for IWAS World Junior Games 2013 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rica are well on their way and the first entry forms have been distributed.