Athletics Rankings now include MASTERS


New group of athletes in the IWAS ranking system for those 35 years old and older

IWAS has added a new Group of athletes in the IWAS ranking system as it has become evident that this category of athletes are growing bigger and bigger and that athletes that have retired from their paralympic careers still continue to compete at a very high standard.  

As in non-para athletics, the category of Masters needs to be accommodated in a formal capacity and IWAS is pleased to announce that we shall be looking at including this category at future IWAS Games as an entity in its own right.

The category of “Masters” are defined as follows: Athletes 35 and older. In athletics the IAAF has agroups of 5 years.

In making this addition to the programme, the IWAS Athletics Manager, Jan Bockweg said that this is a growing group of athletes that still have the desire to compete at top level championships.  

IWAS shall make a further announcement in this regard in early 2013 but would like to hear from anyone that has a comment or suggestion on this topic.  Please feel free to get in touch with Jan Bockweg or IWAS HQ