An invitation to classification course


The IWAS Committee of Electric Wheelchair Hockey invites interested parties to take part in the next Classifiers Course

IWAS Friends
The International IWAS Committee of Electric Wheelchair Hockey (ICEWH) heartily invites interested persons to take part in the next international Classifiers Course, which will be offered: Sunday 3 – Friday 8 June 2012 in Nastola, Finland, about 130 km north of Helsinki.

This course will be organised during the 3rd IWAS Electric Wheelchair Hockey European Championship

ICEWH especially invites (para) medical (doctors, physiotherapists) and EWH technical persons of nations who don’t have a EWH Classifier yet. Participation in this course delivers the official international classifiers license and the knowledge can be used in your own nation as well.

It would be great if we get more educated EWH Classifiers in more nations! Official registration goes through your national IWAS member organisation, see:click here to see IWAS Member Nations

So please take contact with your organisation, if you’re interested to enrol this official ICEWH Classifiers Course.

Your IWAS member organisation shall register course participants to the Organising Committee by returning the completed Registration Form, by 1 April 2012 latest.


For more information – click here

Yours sincerely,

John Teunissen,
Chairman ICEWH Executive Committee