11th Sport Assembly of IWAS Electric Wheelchair Hockey


To be held on 11th August in Munich following the World Championships

The 11th Sport Assembly of IWAS Electric Wheelchair Hockey (ICEWH) will be held on Monday 11 August 2014 in Munich, Germany.
EWH Sport Assemblies are held every two years determining the policy, management and technical & classification rules and regulations for the sport of EWH.

It is of the utmost importance that every EWH practicing nation is present during the Sport Assembly to work together as one big family on the international EWH development, in addition this year’s Sport Assembly will also include the elections for the IWAS Electric Wheelchair Hockey Executive Committee.

The sport is currently embracing an exciting period but desperately needs more help to achieve its goals. Including new members to its Executive Committee, so if you feel you have something to offer the sport then please consider putting yourself forward. Also spread this message within your country so you reach possible candidates!

All documents for the assembly can be downloaded from the IWAS website – click here

If you have any questions regarding the Sport Assembly or the nominations to the Executive Committee then please feel free to contact the Secretary General,Kenny Verbraekel – office@icewh.org