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2023 World Abilitysport Conference partners

Scottish Disability Sport

Scottish Disability Sport (SDS) is the Scottish governing and co-coordinating body of all sports for people of all ages and abilities with a physical, sensory or learning disability. SDS has the vision of a Scotland where physical activity and sport are welcoming and inclusive for participants with disabilities. SDS has published a national strategy “Inspiring Through Inclusion: 2021-2029”, which will direct the work of the Association for the next eight years. SDS lists its major partners as Scottish Government, sportscotland, Scotland’s Governing Bodies of Sport and Local Authorities plus Voluntary Organsitions concerned with disability.

Institute for Musculoskeletal Health

The Institute for Musculoskeletal Health is a research hub based in Sydney, Australia. The hub was created through a partnership between The University of Sydney and Sydney Local Health District, and brings together musculoskeletal healthcare researchers from both academia and clinical practice. Their vision is to help reduce the global burden of musculoskeletal disease.

UP – The Adult Cerebral Palsy Movement

UP – The Adult Cerebral Palsy Movement is a UK-based charity working to support adults living with cerebral palsy. Formerly known as the Adult Cerebral Palsy Hub, UP was founded to campaign for better support and services for adults with CP. Through their work, they hope to raise awareness and make sure the views of the adult cerebral palsy community can be heard.

Moray House School of Education and Sport

Moray House School of Education and Sport, part of the University of Edinburgh, has been making a major contribution to the fields of education and sport both in Scotland and worldwide for almost 200 years. Moray House consistently rank in the top tiers of global education and sport-related studies. Their alumni include one of Great Britain’s most successful Olympic athletes, cyclist Sir Chris Hoy MBE, and trailblazing teacher and race relations pioneer, Soraj Lal.