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World Ability Sport  is proud to help facilitate and promote research into exercise and sport for those with a physical impairment. This helps to benefit individual sports through improved techniques, training, equipment and impairment classification. Research enhances understanding and therefore assists health professionals, sporting bodies etc to encourage recreation and sport development. 

World Abilitysport wants to work independently and alongside other organisations to advance this research area.

We do this by hosting international conferences featuring world-leading experts, taking part in research and assisting researchers and by publishing and promoting the available materials in this area.

With the help of Graham Condie, several research papers are available as a starting point for anyone interested in the science behind the sport. Get started here and find out more about the projects we are involved with elsewhere in this section.

Have a research proposal? 


Introduction to inclusion in sport

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Understanding cerebral palsy - an overview

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Understanding cerebral palsy - full research

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A demand for sports and recreation camps

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