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Strategic Plan

Strategic plan

World Abilitysport and its forbears have been part of the Paralympic Movement since it was founded by Sir Ludwig Guttmann in the 1950s.


Inspiring global growth of sport and recreation opportunities for persons with a physical impairment to improve their quality of life.


To support member countries in developing sport and recreation opportunities for their members by

  • Increasing and improving worldwide participation in sports and recreation for persons with a physical impairment
  • Growing participation in the sports we govern
  • Developing and promoting pathways for athletes with physical impairments to progress from grassroots to elite competition level

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for 2023-2025 is World Abilitysport’s first and outlines how we will meet our vision, detailing our focus and priorities which are.

  1. Deliver world class Games and events
  2. Promote wheelchair fencing and powerchair hockey as the International Federation
  3. Expand recreation initiatives
  4. Develop ‘Sport for Change’ initiatives
  5. Support Members and associated communities
  6. Ensure long term sustainability

To find out more details about how we will achieve these priorities, download the full version of World Abilitysport’s Strategic Plan.